Silk is the ultimate luxurious fabric. Here at Oliver’s Reef, we take pride in using only the highest quality silk from the Mulberry farms around the world. But why Silk you ask? Well, it’s often claimed to be the most comfortable fabric, it’s the most hypoallergenic, it drapes beautifully and it can be worn all year round. While it’s fairly easy to care for we want to share a few pointers to ensure your silk lasts throughout the seasons.

The Silk We Use…

French for Crepe from China, we use this type of silk in the majority of our collection. Made from highly twisted filament yarns, it has a matte surface and pebbled texture, which reflect individual pinpoints of light. It’s also very durable and lightweight, allowing your skin to breathe.

The satin weaving process gives the fabric a glossy finish on one side and matte on the other. In our garments, the glossy side is against your skin, for the most comfort.

Our Four Top Tips…

How To Clean Your Silk
Silk doesn’t usually attract dirt because of its smooth surface, but if it does get dirty, we recommend hand washing. If the stains are bad, silk can be drycleaned, but make sure it’s one you trust! For washing at home, it’s important you use a special silk care detergent to ensure the fabric doesn’t get damaged. To dry silk, do not wring or twist it, instead roll it in a towel to extract water and hang to dry out of the direct sunlight.

Use Olivers Reef Silk/Cashmere Wash
We have created our own lotus flowers and green tea silk wash, which is manufactured right here in Adelaide, South Australia. The gel is low foaming, antistatic and has natural deodorises and conditioners. Each garment only needs 2-3 pumps.

How To Care For Your Silk Everyday
Silk is a unique fabric. It is composed of 80% protein (like human hair) so heat will damage it! To get rid of minor wrinkles, hang the garment overnight. For more stubborn wrinkles you can hang your silk garment in the bathroom while having a shower, the humidity should remove them. And, never spray your silk garments with perfume as the alcohol will damage the fabric.

How To Travel With Silk
Pack your silk garment like you would any other piece of clothing. When you arrive at your destination, hang them up to remove wrinkles.