Silk Care

At Olivers Reef we love silk! Silk has unique properties that make it ideal for luxury garments.

Silk is the most luxurious fabric. It is the most absorbent fabric only equaled by wool. It is the best fabric for drape. It is the most comfortable fabric. It is the best fabric for colour fastness and is also the fabric with the greatest lustre.

Silk can be worn all year round. It is cool in summer and warm in winter. What’s not to love about silk!

Contrary to popular belief…Silk is easy to care, however, some guidelines should be observed.

Caring for silk fabrics

  • Silk does not attract dirt because of its smooth surface, however if it does become dirty, this dirt is easily removed by either hand washing or drycleaning.
  • Hand washing silk is our recommended mode of cleaning although dry cleaning may be necessary for badly stained garments.
  • Use a special silk care detergent. If in doubt purchase the Olivers Reef Silk/Cashmere wash. This is available on our website.
  • Do not use Chlorine bleach to clean silk. Chlorine will damage the fabric
  • Do not wring or twist. Roll in towel to extract water
  • Never soak, bleach or wring silk or leave crumpled in a towel.
  • Use cool water to wash and lightly agitate for 3 – 5mins and rinse well.
  • Do not let silk become too dirty before washing as hard rubbing will damage the fibres.
  • We do not recommend washing our garments in washing machines.
  • Badly stained garments should be dry-cleaned. Do not try to remove stains with a stain remover at home. Tell the dry-cleaner what caused the stains. Choose your dry cleaner carefully. Check that they can clean silk properly.

Drying Tips

  • Hang silk garments to dry. The garment will hold its shape.
  • Sunlight will weaken and yellow silk fabrics. Do not dry in direct sunlight.
  • Do not use a wooden drying rack as the dyes in the wood may stain the fabric.
  • Do not use a clothes dryer as the heat and turbulance will damage the silk.

Ironing Tips

  • Silk fabrics retain their shape and have moderate resistance to wrinkling
  • Minor silk wrinkles should disappear if the garment is hung overnight
  • Stubborn wrinkles can be removed with a cool iron set on ‘Silk’
  • Better yet, hang your silk garment in the bathroom during a shower. Humidity will remove the wrinkles for you.
  • Iron on the wrong side of your garment
  • Do not iron silk too hot! Remember silk is composed of 80% protein, much like human hair. Heat will damage silk.

Travel Tips

  • Silk is wonderful to travel with. It is compact to pack. Pack your silk garments as you would any other clothing. Simply hang the garment after unpacking. Minor wrinkles should disappear overnight.
  • Better yet, hang your garment in the bathroom during a shower. The humidity will remove the wrinkles for you. Using an unknown iron could be fraught with problems. Some hotels irons are dirty and will leave a stain whilst others may have incorrect heat settings.

Miscellaneous Care Tips

  • Never spray silk with perfume or deodorant as alcohol will damage the fabric. Make sure your perfume or deodorant has dried prior to wearing your garment.
  • Use plastic hangers

There are numerous benefits of silk. We have selected only the very best quality silk for your garment.

Silk is beautiful.

Because of its natural protein structure, silk is the most hypoallergenic fabric available

It has natural temperature regulating properties that allow it to be warm in winter and cool in summer. Silk garments thus outperform other fabrics in both summer and winter. Silk is not bulky, so layering of silk in winter will be very comfortable.

Silk is highly absorbent and dries quickly. Ideal for travelling and moving around from city to city. Silk can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp thus will absorb perspiration while letting your skin breathe.

In spite of its delicate appearance, silk is relatively robust and its smooth surface resists soil and odour well.

Although the abrasion resistance of silk is moderate, it is the strongest natural fibre.

Silk takes colour well and washes easily.

There are many different silk varieties. All the varieties are beautiful and luxurious. Olivers Reef have chosen the following two for personal reasons… our designs are best suited to the following silk varieties.

Crepe De Chine

Crepe de Chine (Krape dee sheen). French for Crepe from China . It is made from highly twisted filament yarns. The matte surface and pebbled texture of this graceful fabric reflect individual pinpoints of light, giving it a wonderful chromatic depth and striking eye-appeal. This luxurious silk has the additional virtues of great durability and excellent wrinkle resistance. It is lightweight with a pleasing drape. We have decided to use this fabric in the majority of our garments.

Silk Satin

Satin refers to a type of weave. The satin weaving process enhances the appearance of the fabric and provides a wonderful glossy finish on the one surface and a matte surface on the underside.

We have designed our garments to place the satin glossy side against your skin as this gives you the most amazing sensations.