With the recent crowning of our favourite model and muse, Olivia Molly Rogers as Miss Universe Australia 2017, we have reflected on our experience with this wonderful 25 year old speech pathologist and artist.

In a series of four blogs, we look at each of our photoshoots to explain why we believe Olivia is so perfect to represent Australia in this International event.

We met Olivia 18 months ago after looking at her Instagram account.  We were impressed with not only her beautiful face but her apparent down to earth approach to life.

We were looking for a model that would reflect our brand, both in personality and looks. Our requirements were;

  • a beauty that radiates from within
  • a happy disposition that would reflect a holiday, beach and luxury lifestyle
  • discreet sexiness with elegance and grace
  • fun, infectious personality
  • an approachable girl next door appeal

Not only did we get all of the above, but much much more.

At our first meeting she was both professional and friendly.  She seemed to tick all our boxes, so we booked her that day!



DATE;                           AUGUST 2016

MODEL;                        OLIVIA ROGERS






We had planned an all day shoot at the coastal town of Victor Harbor on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. Our base would be at our beach house and our vision was to do 4 shoots at different locations around this township.  One at the old ruins at Basham Beach, one at the nearby town of Port Elliot, one on the beach at Olivers Reef/ Chiton Rocks and the last one of the day with the setting sun, at the causeway to the scenic island, Granite Island.

Our beautiful vision and plan was dashed this day due to gale force winds and a temp of 10C with a windchill factor of 5C!  It was a shocking day for an outdoor shoot!

In hindsight, cancelling would have been the better option! Olivia arrived early for her hair and makeup session at the beach house.  After this was completed, we decided to brave the elements and first stop… Basham Beach.

To say this was a challenging location would be an understatement!  Olivia put on our lightweight silk clothing with no shoes and confronted the 40 km winds and chilling temperature without a murmur of a complaint… can’t say the same about the Olivers Reef team!  We were rugged up with scarves, beanies, gloves and I’m sure complaints were heard regularly over the whistling wind!


As a seasoned photographic model, Olivia made the photographer’s work easy as not only did she know where to stand, but how each garment would look in the photo. Her expressions changed to suit the outfit and location.  This innate ability was invaluable as it made our job as stylists so easy…. in fact, i think it would be fair to say that Olivia was more a stylist than we were!

After several changes of clothes (no easy feat in strong winds!) and howling winds, we decided to call it a day as the wind was playing havoc with Olivia’s hair (albeit she still looked fabulous!) and our soft flowing outfits were being swirled around in a tangle of silk!

Amazingly we did however, get some beautiful shots inside the ruins.  We turned back to warmer ground (the beach house!), us looking dishevelled, frozen and exhausted whilst Olivia still looked beautiful, happy and elegant… all the while continuing to chat away amicably.  We were in awe of her professionalism and her ability to make the best of a very challenging situation.

When I look back at the photos from that day, you could not tell that she would have been frozen to the bone… her beautiful smile showed constantly in each photo. Outdoor photoshoots can be challenging in difficult weather conditions, however, Olivia’s personality and ability to make the best of a bad situation turned the day into a very fun and rewarding day….. not many people can do this!