There’s nothing quite like splurging on a great item of clothing that makes you look and feel fantastic, allows plenty of wear and tempts you to outfit-repeat on the daily. So why do we continue to fill our wardrobes with cheap, sub par items?

With rapidly changing trends and collections becoming the new norm, it can be exhausting (and eventually uneconomical) to continually replace your less than ideal ensembles.

Investing in your clothing, from basics through to occasion wear, comes with benefits that are well and truly worth the price tag.

By bypassing budget items, you’re voting with your dollar not to support fast fashion – an industry that contributes to poor working conditions and increased waste. Shopping more responsibly is important to keep our planet happy and healthy!

Consider cost per wear. By investing in big ticket items, you’re paying for an increased standard of quality which maximises the wear that you get from each piece.

Have you ever noticed how your jumpers start pilling after a few wears? Invest in a Cashmere Hooded Plover this winter rather than another cheap polyester knit.

As the ‘Comfort Principle’ states, you should spend your money where you spend your time. We spend all of our waking hours in our clothes, so it only makes sense that you should fill your wardrobe with quality items just as you would invest in a good mattress or comfortable desk chair.

We tend to spend carelessly on low-cost items regularly which,  often leads to regretful purchases. As the price tag goes up, more consideration goes into assuring that you really love what you’re buying. You may not spend less on your wardrobe overall, but you will spend smarter.

Silk transcends the seasons by keeping you comfortable in summer and warm in winter, our Tiffany T shirt is the perfect

Say goodbye to messy piles of clothing and closets full of items with the tags still attached. When you shop more consciously, you’ll truly love each piece in your wardrobe and always have something to wear that you know you adore.

A little bit of self-love never goes astray. Treat yourself to a quality item that makes you look and feel great because you deserve it.